Breaking The Code of Life

The reason you are where you are today, is because of you. Your problems are the result of your choices, because to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Life is a gift, and to waste such precious gift living below your full potential is regretful.

The major issue people have in life today is fear, they lack the determination to take risk and dare life, and thus they live every day, scared of what the future holds without actually doing anything about it.

Everybody has the potential to be SOMEONE or do something great in life.

Most people today are in serious pains and regrets because they failed to reach their desired potential, and they push the blame towards someone else, not knowing they are the cause of their failure in life.

Everyone is unique, that is what makes us special, but some people lack this understanding and live another person’s life.

Great men like mahatma Gandhi and Mandela are who they are, because they made sacrifices, and believed in what they can do.

Everyone is doing it does not make it right for you, find your potential and devote time to it.

If you live a life influenced by the world, you would constantly be living in a cage, seeking approval from people. Do not let the world, tell you what to do and what not to.

Am here to tell you today that the world does not define you, but limits you.

Most successful people today are deviants, they live and do what their minds tell them to.

The ultimate weapon you have today is you thus, Get up, move, be different, do different, devote painful hours every day to what you can do, and let negativity be far from you.

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